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the end of spring broke

The last act of this vacation, christened "Spring Broke" by Watt, consisted of a magnificent pancake dinner. A Seussian stack of pancakes (was that Myrtle the Turtle?), crammed with blueberries, apple and bananas. Golden on the outside and not quite cooked through. Watt made perfect bacon and between the three of us, we ate all but three slices. (How did that happen?)

It was, as far as I'm concerned, a blissful break from the daily grind, this vacation. There was a lot of quiet. Croquet. Some gardening. A roadtrip. Museums. A bonus dinner with Eli. Tai Chi in the park. A little bit of work (ok 3 days worth) but the kind where I'm working through at my own pace and not interrupted, and got something really important done. And I got to pursue some things I've been dreaming about. This. So. All in all, I'm happy.

Work begins again in 7 minutes.