from which good things grow


1) Try to remember your dreams

The act of trying to remember what went on while you were sleeping is something like sitting on a rock in the woods, hoping a deer will step into the clearing. You have to be patient and you have to be still. And whether or not the deer appears, the sit will do you good.

2) Listen to the current moment

All those patters and clicks and sighs remind you that the world has room in it, and infinite depth, and is happening right now.

3) Foster fermentation

Take any simple event, and hold it in your heart awhile - sit with it, sit with it, and it will blossom into something marvelous.

4) Break the crust of expectation

Remember that language is not for pinning things down. It's for setting things free.

5) Let go of what you know

Remember, remember, forgetting is full of potential.