Telling: Swords & Arrows

Before that, and more important

We forget and think the most important thing is the artifact. The made thing. It's easy to forget. Product has such vitality. It can feed you for days. It can feed multitudes. Increasing by ingestion. Reverberating hugely. The magnetism of it can mess with your compass.

The secret is though, that the artifact is a by-product. A wake. You can't aim for it. Or, aiming for it results in lifeless things.

So, turn sideways to the end result, let it spin itself, as your shadow spins itself. Be delighted when you meet, but do not linger over-long in its company. Do not alter your course for it.

Telling is a way of holding yourself so that the world flows through you and makes music. It is a matter of positioning yourself to catch the flow. It is a matter of tuning the pitch of your instrument. Feeling and responding. A conversation.

There is music in everything.

Dip yourself in. What plays through you?